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The Berlin-based producer and singer Abraxa is an artist of many extremes.

In her melancholic-dark and modern world of sounds between techno and experimental pop, her soulful vocals and  tonally powerful outbursts of aggression capture us with maximum emotional force. Her unique sound – in which harsh industrial sounds collide with neoclassical piano and driving techno beats come together with melancholic synthesizers – draws the listener into a field of tension between sensitivity and power, rationality and emotionality, destructiveness and hope.

Abraxa learned the rules of music at an early age - only to break them later.

As a child, her talent in classical piano already showed, and she successfully participated in numerous competitions. But the strict rules were increasingly in conflict with her creative approach to music. After more than 12 years, Abraxa turned away from the piano, moved to Berlin and studied psychology and philosophy. Inspired by the forceful beats and experimental sounds of Berlin nightlife and artists like HAAi, Louisahhh, Eartheater and Emika, she opened up to music again, but this time following her own unique principles.

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The result is an innovative sound that distinguishes itself through Abraxa's emotional depth as well as her cross-genre experience.

Abraxa's sound is not only extremely addictive, but challenges us to explore our own personalities and see opposites within ourselves as part of a whole, instead of as contradictions. What feelings do we identify with? What do we believe we have to refuse or repress? Her art as a symbol of strength and self-acceptance therefore encourages us to embrace our own emotionality, to be strong and vulnerable at the same time.

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